Uci Womens World Tour

Uci Womens World Tour

The UCI Women's World Tour is the premier annual female elite road cycling tour. In order to increase the coverage of Women's cycling the UCI held a summit in December 2014 between the UCI Women’s Working Group and the UCI Women's teams. The previous racing series, the UCI Women's Road World Cup, limited racing to 10 one-day events, whilst the proposed Women's World Tour will see a threefold increase in the total number of racing days. In order to facilitate this a proposal was forwarded to split the single tiered UCI Women's team classification, into a two tiered system beginning in 2017. The premier division would consist of 10 teams who, like their male counterparts, will be required to compete in all World Tour events. The second tier will be similar to domestic men's teams (UCI Continental Teams). Initially the rankings will be based on the teams UCI rankings. One requirement of the series is that all rounds are to be broadcast on live TV or via streaming, with race organisers creating media pages for each event in English and/or French. For one-day races teams must consist of up to six riders, with no fewer than four and for stage races, seven or eight with no fewer than five. Minimum prize money will also be included; €5130 for one day races or time trials and €2565 per day for a stage race. Seasons none found... Teams none found... Key () Missing Artwork (- 4) Missing 4 Players: Data and Artwork () Team Complete Trophy Icon Fanart Banner Other Links Website

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Uci Womens World Tour

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